EnviroMSDS is advanced SDS
 Authoring, Management, Tracking and Archival Software


EnviroMSDS Manager provides you with a centralized repository for all of your SDS 's, Reports, Labels, Operating Records, etc…EnviroMSDS Manager is based on a simple concept - that employees have both a need and a right to know the hazards and identities of the chemicals they are exposed to when working.  They also need to know what protective measures are available to prevent adverse effects from occurring. EnviroMSDS Manager is designed to provide employees with the information they need as per OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200. 

EnviroMSDS Manager scans, imports, organizes, searches, views, prints, faxes, e-mails and "distributes" SDS to all internal and external customers of your company. EnviroMSDS Manager has with a built-in report/label writer and incorporates virtually every known SDS distribution method including the Internet.  Its industry standard interface of cabinets, drawers, folders and documents conveniently manages SDS documents in a "virtual cabinet".  EnviroMSDS Manager is available in Client/Server, LAN and Single User Versions.

Upon approving an SDS in EnviroMSDS Authoring the SDS document along with any predefined indexing information is automatically sent to the EnviroMSDS Manager, which allows for easy search and retrieval and distribution.  Revisions of the same SDS document are handled by automatically archiving the previous version and setting the newest revision as the active SDS document.  Note: ( all archived SDS documents are readily accessible ).

Webview Server is a browser based front-end to EnviroMSDS Manager that allows for searching, viewing and printing of your SDS documents over your Intraweb/Intranet or the Internet.  We can customize the Webview front-end to meet your specific requirements. 

WebView Server will allow for a link from your website (intranet / internet).  WebView will allow your employees to access your current SDS documents for any product in your facility at any time of the day or night as needed right from their browser by Intranet enabling the SDS Search interface. SDS 's stored in EnviroMSDS Manager are made widely available to employees over your corporate Intranet and/or the internet.  This is a very easy, user friendly and fast way to provide them with the critical emergency information as needed.  This meets the Right-to-Know laws.

Note: WebView has its own built-in web server so it does not require IIS or Apache.

Click Webview Live to test drive Webview residing on our server here at our office.



  • Share information corporate wide.
  • Multiple employees can have access to the same SDS document.
  • With searches such as SDS Number, Trade Name, Product Code, Revision Date, etc...  keywords or any other index criteria, you can locate any SDS document with the highest accuracy.  240 user defined search fields available!
  • Viewing, printing, faxing or E-mailing can be performed at any workstation.
  • Print, fax or email on demand or use the built-in Scheduler to send any SDS document to anyone at anytime along with you own custom designed cover letter.
  • Use AutoRevision and AutoArchive to maintain a complete lifetime history of an SDS document.
  • Schedule outgoing SDS documents with EnviroMSDS Manager's Outbox Scheduler to any number of recipients.
  • Use AutoTracker to track Who, What, When, Where and How an SDS document was sent.
  • Create custom cover letters with the Cover Letter Designer.
  • Use AutoSend (add-on module) to connect to any external system (e.g. Order entry, ERP systems, SAP, ORACLE, AS400, etc...) to automate the delivery process.
  • Complete SDS file cabinets with database can be recorded on a CD-ROM and can be made available to your branches or your sales people for mobile computing on a notebook.
  • On demand, older and less requested documents can be moved to slower, but more affordable storage media (e.g. CD-ROM’s). This process is called migration.



  • WebView Server (Add-on module) - Allow users access from anywhere to Search, View and Print your SDS 's from any Web Browser across your intranet and/or the internet. Provides compliance with OSHA H.C.S., 29 CFR 1910.1200.
  • AutoRevision - auto increments revisions to any SDS document
  • AutoArchive - archive all changes to any SDS document with rollback capabilities.
  • AutoTracking - track Who, What, Where, When and How an SDS document is distributed.
  • AutoSend (Add-on Module) - automates the process of delivering (print, fax or email) any number of documents to any number of recipients from any external system (e.g. Order entry, SAP, AS400, etc... ) with built-in AutoTracking.
  • AutoImport - SDS documents along with their Keywords are automatically imported from our EnviroMSDS Authoring Software, complete with Auto-Revision and Auto-Archive, in real time.
  • AutoView - allows for correction of image prior to saving.
  • Fax Server - Automatically manage your incoming SDS faxes from suppliers.
  • Distribution Scheduler - schedule SDS documents to be distributed to anyone, any time.
  • Cover Letter Designer - design your own custom cover letters
  • Locate any of your SDS documents with the powerful search engine.
  • Scan paper SDS documents or drag and drop SDS files (Word, PDF, HTML, Text, Excel, or any other format type)  into any folder of your choice.
  • Create Shortcuts for same SDS document (allows for multiple references).
  • Organize all of your SDS documents with custom definable properties.
  • Unlimited Archive with Rollback capabilities.
  • Custom definable Address Book.
  • Security - Multiple Levels of security from Cabinet down to each individual document.
  • Database Wizard for creating user definable fields.  ( Max. 240 )
  • View multiple SDS Databases at same time.

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